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Book Review: Closure - The Definitive Guide

 Google Closure is a set of libraries and tools for developing large Javascript applications with minimal errors. This book provides a comprehensive guide to the features available in the Closure products.
Chapter 2 of the book details the annotations that can be used to assist the Closure Compiler with verifying correctness of the applications.

Chapters 3 thru 9 explain the details of the Closure Libraries in detail. The Closure Libraries have extensive support of the common problems developers face while developing applications in JavaScript. The book details not only what is available in the libraries, but also why Google decided to develop the library the way they did and the problem their approach tries to solve.

The rest of the book does a deep dive into the tools provided by the Closure suite for developing applications. For example, It describes how debugging is supported with the Closure tools and using the Closure Inspector to debug Closure Compiler generated code with Firebug.

Overall, the book does an excellent job of explaining the functionality in the Closure tools and why it is necessary for developing high quality web applications. It's evident that the author is familiar with the ins and outs of both Closure and the problems it set out to solve. The book is chock full of examples to demonstrate where Closure is useful to JavaScript developers. It pointed out a surprising number of problems with naive use of Javscript constructs that are remedied with use of Closure. As such, readers of this book would benefit from a good Javascript book like JavaScript:The Definitive Guide to use as reference for the JavaScript nuances pointed out by this book.


December 2010



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